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Ultra-low temperatures stimulate the body to promote healing and wellness.

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    Whole Body Cold Therapy

    Rapid Recovery

    Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to trigger the body's self-repair process. Popular with athletes for workout recovery, whole body cryotherapy was originally designed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. After decades of use in Europe, cryotherapy is now known to have several additional benefits.

    We offer different types of cryotherapy treatments including cryo-slimming, cryo-toning and cryo facials. Many patients experience immediate results, but the best outcomes occur after a series of treatments.

    Cryotherapy Benefits

    Cryotherapy FAQs

    Using nitrogen gas to reach low temperatures of -200 to -300 degrees, our cryotherapy chamber promotes a sudden drop in body temperature, activating a “fight or flight” response. Blood rushes to your vital organs, rapidly oxygenating your blood and releasing adrenalin and endorphins. 

    Cryotherapy is not painful, although your first session may feel a bit strange until your body begins to adjust to the cold. Sessions last no longer than 4 minutes, and you will be provided with gloves and thick socks to protect your extremities. You will stay dry, which makes the experience more comfortable than a traditional ice bath.

    Yes! Cryotherapy has been in use since the late 1970s and has been shown to be safe and effective. A member of our team will monitor your entire session, and you are free to exit the chamber at any point if you feel uncomfortable. Cryotherapy is not suited for patients with a heart condition or those who are pregnant.

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