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Cryo T-Shock Therapy

Slim down and tone up with this innovative Cryo T-Shock Therapy treatment in Hudson County, NJ.

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    Reduce Fat & Cellulite

    Reshape Your Body Naturally

    State-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. This safe, painless treatment will help you shed unwanted fat and minimize cellulite.

    Cryo t-shock therapy is administered through a manual massage technique. Sessions begin with a short period of heat, followed a prolonged period of cold, and back to heat again. This triggers a phenomenon known as apoptosis, which causes fat cells to die and be excreted through the body's lymphatic system.

    Scientifically Proven for the Whole Body

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These body contouring treatments last about 30 minutes, including 2 minutes of heat, 22-26 minutes of cold and another 2-3 minutes of heat.
    Treatments are painless, and many people find them quite enjoyable due to the massage technique that is used.
    Results are typically visible within a week after your first treatment and will be more defined within 2-3 weeks. You will continue to see results for several months after treatment begins.

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