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Pediatric Therapy Services

We provide pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and other services for kids at our Bayonne, NJ wellness center.

Pediatric sensory integrative therapy, Bayonne, NJ
Comprehensive pediatric sensory therapy gym
Pediatric physical therapy, Bayonne, NJ

Compassionate Care for Kids.

Our specialized pediatric therapists provide physical, occupational, speech and sensory integration therapy for children of all ages. We help your child recover from illness or injury and feel more secure, comfortable and focused in different environments.

Our pediatric therapists understand that children learn and grow differently than adults. With patience and empathy, our team meets kids right where they are and helps them feel safe as they heal and develop.

We utilize fun, age-appropriate games and activities to keep kids motivated and happy during treatment. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, so your child will receive a custom treatment plan based on his or her unique needs.

Our comprehensive sensory integrative therapy gym is a place where kids can grow and heal without competition or constraints. Our pediatric occupational therapists work with children on mats, bouncy balls, trampolines, swings, ladders and other play equipment to help them develop new skills and boost their confidence.

A Place Where Children Thrive

The world can be a challenging place for kids. For some, an accident or illness may affect their mobility. For others, delayed fine or gross motor development may affect their coordination, speech or ability to play with their peers. For children with autism, ADHD or OCD, sensory perception problems may affect the way they interact with their family, friends and environment. We help kids overcome these obstacles and navigate their world with greater ease and confidence.


Improve mobility and increase independence

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Skill Development

Perform daily activities more easily

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Feel secure in any environment

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Pediatric Therapy

At the first appointment, we work with parents and caregivers to set goals and develop a plan to maximize your child’s potential. We continuously assess progress and adjust treatment as needed with each appointment.

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