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Cryotherapy Benefits: Weight Loss, Wrinkle Reduction & So Much More!

Cryotherapy is whole-body or targeted cold therapy that uses extreme cold to trigger the body’s natural healing process.   At our Rapha Wellness Center in Bayonne, New Jersey we offer cryotherapy services including: whole-body cyrotherapy, cryo T-shock, cryo-toning, cryo-slimming and cryo-facials. So, what is cryotherapy and how can this cutting-edge technology benefit you? Let us explain…

How Does Cryotherapy Benefit my Body?

Cryotherapy is a form of therapy that uses extremely cold temperatures to decrease inflammation in your body by constricting the blood vessels. When blood vessels constrict, swelling and pain decrease due to the decreased blood flow to the area. This would be similar to the idea of using an ice pack on an injury, except you can emerge your whole body into the chamber!
Cryotherapy sessions can be performed in various ways leading to several benefits to your health. We can do whole-body, cryo-slimming, cryo-toning and cryo-facials. Many of our New Jersey patients experience immediate results, but the best outcomes occur after a series of cryotherapy treatments.
  1. Smooth Your Skin with Cryo-Toning

Cryo-toning treatments utilize cold temperatures to tighten and smooth areas that need more elasticity. Areas with cellulite are ideal for this type of therapy. The cryo-toning process works by chilling the layer of fat just below your skin expanding the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels begin to expand it stimulates the production of collagen which is essential for skin health! 
  1. Experience Weight Loss with Cryo-Slimming

Cryo-slimming focuses on one area of the body at a time freezing your fat cells. First, heat is applied to a specific area for just a couple of minutes and then we zap those fat cells with extremely cold temperatures to kill them. Having a healthy diet and exercising will help your results last long into the future.  
A few examples of areas that may benefit from cryotherapy include:
      • Stomach
      • Thighs
      • Arms
      • Back 
  1. Reduce Wrinkles with Cryo-Facials

Cryo-facials briefly cool your face helping to reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, improve skin disorders and reduce wrinkles. What more could you ask for in a facial? We believe this is a great way to give a youthful boost to your skin. 
When you shock your face with the cold temperatures, your body responds as if there is an emergency! It is basically calling 911 to your brain. Blood flow to your face is accelerated and healing enzymes are dispatched to the impacted area. These facials are quick and could even be done on your lunch break!

Schedule a Cryotherapy Session Today

Are you looking to promote natural healing in your body to tighten and firm your skin? Contact us at Rapha Wellness Center in Bayonne, New Jersey to schedule your cryotherapy service today! We also offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, sauna therapy and other services designed to help you live a more active and fulfilling life.

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